I Love You For Your Pink Cadillac

ImageImageImageImageIMG_4633IMG_4595Blouse: Forever 21 similar here||Shorts: H&M similar here||Blazer: Forever 21||Necklace: Vanessa Mooney||Belt: H&M similar here||Bra: Victoria’s Secret||Shoes: Zara {Shot by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

Memorial Day weekend was so fun, I got to go to the beach, died laughing at karaoke, and had a fabulous time at a BBQ! I think that means summer is finally here, which is the start of patios, beer gardens, and rooftops, this type of outfit is perfect for any of these summer activities! The jean shorts and sheer blouse give it a laid back vibe but the blazer and the shoes keep it smart. I always love mixing casual pieces with a more dressed up piece, it keeps things interesting, and that is what I think defines my personal style. Every person I meet says there is nothing better than summer in Chicago, so I am very much looking forward to this! I cannot wait to share with you what is going on and obviously what I will be wearing!

bisous, Mack.


Ice Cream, Chic, & Cheap

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageTank: Zara similar here||Jacket: Vintage||Skirt: Target similar here||Shoes: Nike||Rings: The Glitter Vault & Forever 21||Necklace: Lionette {Shot by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

I am obsessed with this outfit because minus the jewelry and shoes it only costs thirty-five dollars! Everyone has some pair of tennis shoes and some jewelry, so throw it on and call it a day. Target really does have some awesome finds, like this cobalt blue skirt that I bought for fifteen dollars when I first moved to LA and was broke as a joke, and I still do not underestimate Target. It is kind of amazing! Then the tank from Zara I got on sale in Paris, I actually bought two in separate colors because I love it so much. Then this jacket, I cannot even explain to you what an amazing find this is! A vintage stand at the Hollywood farmer market ages ago, and it was TEN DOLLARS! There is no brand, no anything in the tag, but it is absolutely beautiful and I am so happy I snagged it. I stumbled into a resale shop yesterday in Chicago and found some amazing things and it just goes to show sometimes it is more fun to take the time to search through racks of vintage to find the one special piece that no one has than it is to search through every rack at Forever 21 to find the thing that everyone in the world can get! Simply saying, do not underestimate the value of a good resale shop.

bisous, Mack.

Efficiently Effortless

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageTop: Forever 21||Pants: White House Black Market||Shoes: Christian Louboutin similar Louboutins, similar more affordable here||Necklace: Aldo||Bracelet: Vintage {Shot by: Samira Anbar}

There is something so effortless about black and white, and it is even better when the black and white outfit is comfortable! I was wearing this all day with my white Birkenstocks, then I switched into heels for dinner. I bought these pants for a job interview and they have become my new favorite! I love the tulip hem and the sophistication of them makes it easy to pair with different tops and shoes for endless day and night options. A great pair of black pants are a staple for everyone, if you are in need I definitely suggest these! Another great piece for a seamless day to night look is to add a statement item. It will dress up any outfit instantly and really is so easy and effortless!

bisous, Mack.

Peter Pilotto Picked A Peck Of Prints

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageTop: Peter Pilotto for Target on major clearance||Skirt: Peter Pilotto for Target on clearance too||Shoes: ASOS||Bracelet: Vintage {Shot by: Samira Anbar}

Finally, it is nice enough out to wear this skirt, it has been sitting in my closet for months! I usually stay away from prints and things that are too busy for fear of looking like a crazy person, but when I tried this on together in the dressing room I loved it! I think that is the glory of this particular collection for Target, everything mixed and matched well even though everything had a print of some kind on it. Mixing prints is definitely a tricky thing, but thats the fun of it! Here are some tips for mixing prints:

1. Stripes are now a neutral, they can go with florals, polka dots, or even other stripes!

2. Be sure the prints you are mixing have the same color shade in each piece, my repeating color is obviously black and white, however I would rarely suggest black and white being your main colors when mixing, because you could end up looking like a zebra. The colors in the top are actually what tied this particular look together!

3. The sizing of the mixed prints. Big repeated patterns should be paired with small repeating patterns. I love the big geometric pattern on the back of the skirt, with the smaller details on the wrap of it. When mixed with the top where the stripes are medium sized compared to the rest of the outfit, it just seems to work.

4. Do not be afraid to break all the rules, if you think it looks good then it probably does! Some fun combinations to try are stripes with florals, animal print with chevron, art deco with water color, the possibilities are endless.

Okay, since I am wearing a designer collaboration it is only appropriate to talk about the next major collab. This will be the best one yet in my opinion, Alexander Wang x H&M. Ohmigod, seriously start saving your pennies. They let the word out at the H&M party at Coachella last weekend, they also released a video on Instagram that has a scoreboard to announce the November 6th release date, so the collection will probably have a sporty feel. Which totally makes sense since he is the first American designer to collaborate with H&M. I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on an awesome bag, you know he will not put his name on a t-shirt that is not impeccably designed with a magnificent fabric, and just some all around cool lifestyle pieces. So excited!

bisous, Mack.

Three Shades of Grey

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageT-shirt: Topshop||Jeans: Seven For All Mankind, same cut different wash here||Shoes: Topshop||Ring: an old gift||Bracelet: unknown {Shot by: Miriam Taylor}

This outfit does not come with its very own Christian Grey, even though I really wish it did. I will find you one day sir. So, I am in Chicago working at their market week and I am having so much fun, learning so much, and am exhausted, so this will be short. This outfit was inspired by Kim Kardashian. In my opinion her style has been outstanding lately, you must admit Kanye is an awesome stylist. Well, she has worn head to toe grey a couple times over the past few months and a lot of high-waisted things with cropped tees. I love one color head to toe, and grey is a fun neutral that will flatter anyone but is more interesting than black. Give it a try with any color, keep it casual, and I am sure it will look wonderful!

bisous, Mack.

Lady In Lace

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageDress: Nasty Gal similar here||Blouse: Forever 21 I couldn’t find a good simlar, but I suggest the mens section||Belt: Vintage Escada||Shoes: Topshop||Rings: Vintage||Bracelet: Vintage Necklaces||Earrings: Forever 21 {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear… that is how I feel every day. However, when you feel like this one has two options, black pants, black top, black sunglasses and go, or try and reinvent something you already have, I did the latter. I bought this dress for my 22nd birthday because I wanted to be sophisticated, it is nice, but it needs some amping up in order for it to be exciting. The plus side to this winter being too long is I have improved my layering skills, so I put them to use. Pretty simple, just a button down under the dress, but it made it fun! I rolled the sleeves all the way up so it was still a short sleeved look. I definitely need to define my waist in this dress because it is a funny length on me, so I put on a white belt to keep it fresh. Another reinvention in this outfit are my bracelets, they are actually my Grandpa’s gold chains that he was going to sell and I was like, “umm Grandpa, I will totally wear those” so he gave them to me! They look great as necklaces but worked better as bracelets for this outfit. Sometimes you have a fresh new outfit in your closet, which I know I have said before, you just need to think outside the box with what you have! If you feel as if you have nothing, making a necklace into a bracelet or simply buying a new belt can reinvent an old look.

bisous, Mack.

Haute Sneakers

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageDress: H&M||Jacket: Vintage||Shoes: Nike||Belt: Forever 21||Rings: The Glitter Vault c/o||Beanie: Unknown {Pics by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

So.. something major happened last week during Spring Couture fashion week, specifically at Chanel. Every single look was sent down the runway in tennis shoes! From ball gowns to the classic Chanel suit, every outfit had matching sneakers. We also saw some sneakers down the runway at Dior… so it is safe to say this is a huge trend that we will see throughout the spring, so invest in some cute ones, preferably pastel, to wear outside the gym! After watching all the shows I was inspired to shift to a spring color palette so I mixed and matched the fall plaid with a spring colored dress. This blazer was from my Grammy’O, I stumbled upon it in storage! Seriously, you can find the best pieces in your parents and grandparents closets! Besides a belt to define my waist, I added some rings from The Glitter Vault. I am obsessed with this set! There are only four rings, but it looks like six. I love the ones with the double band because they add so much more drama and they’re adjustable so the styling possibilities are endless. Spring is right around the corner, I wouldn’t say put all your heels up on the shelf, but definitely plan on lots of sneakers and flats this season!

bisous, Mack.

Ladylike In Leather

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSkirt: BCBG similar here||Top: BCBG on sale||Shoes: Valentino||Bracelets: Vintage||Rings: Grandma’s, vintage and H&M {Pics by Kaitlyn Elliott}

My New Year resolution, besides drinking more water and to be unapologetically myself, is to buy more skirts! They can be dressed up or down just as easily as pants, but I love how instantly feminine I feel in them. The best thing about this skirt is the pleats! Pleats are a huge trend for spring, whether it be on a mini, midi or maxi, although I definitely suggest a midi. To avoid that school girl feeling, especially with a mini, pair your pleats with an oversized sweater and boots or a cool t-shirt and bomber jacket. Another option would be a shift blouse, what I am wearing, it is pretty much a more chic t-shirt and was seen a lot down the Spring 2014 runaways. I definitely suggest picking one up because it is so versatile, which makes it a great investment piece for spring! And lastly the shoes, I absolutely adore them. There is nothing more to say other than Valentino never does wrong in my eyes.

bisous, Mack.

Cloud Nine

ImageImageImageImageImageImageDress: Zara on sale now||Shoes: Vintage similar on sale here||Necklace: Aldo similar here {Pics by Mirapics}

Two posts in a row where I’m not in heels, I am shocked at myself. I might be getting more reasonable with age… doubt it, but I do love these flats. I got them for $5 at a some vintage stand set up at the Hollywood farmers market years ago, obsessed! I bought this dress at Zara when I was in LA, then I get back home and it went on sale, I hate when that happens. I still love it, mostly because of the pockets. They really came in handy because it was absolutely freezing. The dress has a gorgeous floral pattern on it while the number nine along with the trim on the neckline and the sleeves give it a sporty look, which I love, but to maintain a more girly feel I wore my favorite statement necklace. I bought it randomly one day when I was walking home in NYC. Those are always the best purchases, the ones you just stumble upon! I took my hair down halfway through the shoot because my ears were cold, I cannot believe how long it is! Just so you know, pretty much everything on Zara’s website is on sale right now, they have some cute things that can transition you into spring, wear throughout summer, and transition back into fall again! I have my eyes on this floral dress, this metallic gold, leather skirt, it’s amazing, and this floral top, even though my super model sister would look fab in that whole outfit, want to share Mad? Just doing my best to plan ahead!

bisous, Mack.

Blow Me Away




ImageSkirt & Jacket: Vintage||Top: Forever 21||Gloves: Karl Lagerfeld||Hat & Rings: H&M||Booties: Steve Madden {Pics by Emily Daura}

Hi little Karl on my gloves! I mean how amazing are these? Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, opened up some stores in Paris this summer selling clothes, shoes and accessories from his own line. He is very well known for his own signature style which always includes a pair of gloves, so it was only appropriate he would create them for his own line. His collection is sold in the US online and similar gloves can be found here. This style of gloves is absolutely perfect for this cold season, you can wear them and text at the same time. If you plan on never taking them off definitely add midi rings. To keep up the midi style, I wore an amazing vintage, tulle midi skirt. The slip underneath is similar to a pencil skirt which shows off your curves, while the tulle overlay has the midi style which keeps things subtly sexy. A similar skirt can be found here and here. I then paired it with a crop top, my go to booties, a cute hat and this coat which is totally from the 90’s I found in the back of my mother’s closet. For the holiday season, which includes endless parties, it is fun to try new looks that take you out of your comfort zone. Try a new accessory or add a hat to an outfit you wouldn’t expect, most likely everyone will be envious of your confidence to rock such a thing. Happy holiday partying!

bisous, Mack.






ImageJacket: Grandpa’s vintage||Tank: Zara||Jeans: Seven For All Mankind||Earrings: Forever 21||Shoes: Christian Louboutin {Pics by Mirapics}

How amazing is this traditional smoking jacket? My Grandpa got it while he was in Hokkaido, Japan during World War II. When he gave it to my mom I fell in love with it instantly and knew I would be borrowing it. With the oversized coat trend in full force, I decided now was the time to wear it. The colors and the details are beyond, you just don’t find quality like this anymore so I am very lucky he passed it down. Since it was my Grandpa’s it was extra oversized so I had to roll up the sleeves. A traditional smoking jacket is worn with the belt tied around your waist, but I didn’t like that so I tied it in my best possible bow in the back. You can do that with any coat or jacket with a belt, it will help define your waist and it is super cute! I obviously wanted the jacket to shine so I wore my favorite basics, my Zara tank top and Seven jeans. Like I said in this blog post, I am totally into just rolling my jeans up once. It is undone but done in a cool “I don’t care” kind of way. This season some of your favorite pieces may be in a relatives attic! Go hunting for them, and wear them because they will always be a special, one of a kind piece with a great history.

bisous, Mack.