Blow Me Away




ImageSkirt & Jacket: Vintage||Top: Forever 21||Gloves: Karl Lagerfeld||Hat & Rings: H&M||Booties: Steve Madden {Pics by Emily Daura}

Hi little Karl on my gloves! I mean how amazing are these? Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, opened up some stores in Paris this summer selling clothes, shoes and accessories from his own line. He is very well known for his own signature style which always includes a pair of gloves, so it was only appropriate he would create them for his own line. His collection is sold in the US online and similar gloves can be found here. This style of gloves is absolutely perfect for this cold season, you can wear them and text at the same time. If you plan on never taking them off definitely add midi rings. To keep up the midi style, I wore an amazing vintage, tulle midi skirt. The slip underneath is similar to a pencil skirt which shows off your curves, while the tulle overlay has the midi style which keeps things subtly sexy. A similar skirt can be found here and here. I then paired it with a crop top, my go to booties, a cute hat and this coat which is totally from the 90’s I found in the back of my mother’s closet. For the holiday season, which includes endless parties, it is fun to try new looks that take you out of your comfort zone. Try a new accessory or add a hat to an outfit you wouldn’t expect, most likely everyone will be envious of your confidence to rock such a thing. Happy holiday partying!

bisous, Mack.


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