ImageJacket: Grandpa’s vintage||Tank: Zara||Jeans: Seven For All Mankind||Earrings: Forever 21||Shoes: Christian Louboutin {Pics by Mirapics}

How amazing is this traditional smoking jacket? My Grandpa got it while he was in Hokkaido, Japan during World War II. When he gave it to my mom I fell in love with it instantly and knew I would be borrowing it. With the oversized coat trend in full force, I decided now was the time to wear it. The colors and the details are beyond, you just don’t find quality like this anymore so I am very lucky he passed it down. Since it was my Grandpa’s it was extra oversized so I had to roll up the sleeves. A traditional smoking jacket is worn with the belt tied around your waist, but I didn’t like that so I tied it in my best possible bow in the back. You can do that with any coat or jacket with a belt, it will help define your waist and it is super cute! I obviously wanted the jacket to shine so I wore my favorite basics, my Zara tank top and Seven jeans. Like I said in this blog post, I am totally into just rolling my jeans up once. It is undone but done in a cool “I don’t care” kind of way. This season some of your favorite pieces may be in a relatives attic! Go hunting for them, and wear them because they will always be a special, one of a kind piece with a great history.

bisous, Mack.


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