B is for Boxcar

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBlouse: Forever 21 similar here||Pants: Express||Shoes: Miu Miu||Jacket: unknown similar here||Necklace: Forever 21 {Shot by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

I have successfully survived my first week in Chicago without dying or having some sort of breakdown, so thats good! After a weekend that included a fabulous rooftop bar, a first date, and being a dancing queen at a club, this outfit is perfect for a low key day in the city. Flats for walking, a jacket incase it gets cold, along with a button down which always looks sophisticated and is a very easy piece to wear. A varsity jacket is definitely something to have in your closet for spring. The great thing about them is they are so versatile, you can tone down a really fancy dress by throwing one on or add it to your button down for a sporty feel. I found this one downtown in NYC at one of those like kind of trashy stores… ha, but I had to get it, it was like only twenty dollars! The things you can find if you stumble into the unknown. So this summer when you are traveling, plan your outfits accordingly. It is so easy to be comfortable and fashionable when walking around a city beyond yoga pants, you can do it, I promise.

bisous, Mack.


Socks, Sandals, and Normcore Thoughts

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageTop: Forever 21||Pants: Express||Shoes: Birkenstock||Clutch: Target||Sunglasses: Forever 21 similar here||Jewlery: Vintage||Socks: similar here {Shot by: Miriam Taylor}

Unless you are like me and research fashion daily, you are probably thinking what is on her feet? Is this not a major fashion faux-pas? Well, it is but it isn’t. To put it simply, the Olsen’s wore socks and Birkenstocks the other day, and they do no wrong in my eyes, so no this is not a faux-pas. To many others, the Birkenstock, or the “ugly sandal,” is a no go in itself, let alone pairing them with socks. This style of shoe was shown down the runways at Celine, Prada, and Givenchy, so get on that. The socks and sandals were shown down some runways as well, but was strongly brought into light by street style mavens. I personally am embracing it, I liked my outfit, I was comfortable and got to wear my new shoes!

Style forecasters have called the theory of normcore, blending in by dressing in what is perceived as “normal”, the biggest thing of the decade. Think an average family of tourists in NYC, Seinfeld, or someone like my beloved father whose style rivals Steve Jobs iconic look, that is normcore. I am not sure if I should be honored or ashamed that this style is strongly inspired by the people of the Midwest. Are we finally having our fashion moment?! Honestly I am not quite sure how excited I am about this. I am a little bitch and roll my eyes at people who are not at least trying to look presentable, it is not that hard, and if I embrace this trend will people who aren’t psychos about fashion do that to me? It already happened when I was getting frozen yogurt, I knew what she was thinking, I just put my toppings on and thought, “you’ll understand one day.” Then I realized no you won’t because most people dress like this, and that is what makes normcore so interesting. I honestly do not see people who simply enjoy fashion diving head first into this trend, because why wouldn’t one want to stand out? At the same time, even when the Olsen’s rocked it, they still looked like something special (the crocodile bag helped), and that is what I personally see happening with normcore. People will visit the ugly or the “normal,” but will still maintain a sense of themselves, which is what clothing and trends are about really. What are your thoughts?

bisous, Mack.


Tartan and Travel

ImageImageImageImageTank: Zara similar here||Sweater: Mango||Pants: Express||Hat: Zara similar here||Shoes: Miu Miu||Scarf: H&M similar here {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

I have snow all over my shoes. Oh well, anyway I went to Chicago last weekend, and had way too much fun, but as I traveled on the bus I was thinking about traveling and fashion and how it all mixes together. I get very upset when I see people traveling in sweatpants and sweatshirts, I just do not understand! It is not hard to look presentable and be comfortable, even on red eyes and international flights. So this is my go to travel outfit.

1. An oversized scarf. If you get hot take it off and use it as a pillow or stuff it in your purse.

2. Layers. Yes, it is annoying going through security taking it all off then putting it back on, but once your through you will appreciate having a tank top, a sweater, and a jacket so you can be super cozy on the plane, bus, train or whatever.

3. I almost always curl my hair. It takes a total of 5 minutes to do and is much easier to brush at the end of a long, sleepy trip than to fix a crease in once straightened hair.

4. A hat. Whether it be a beanie or a fedora, I always have something with me to cover my face.. it’s not like I am traveling first class. Leave me alone. It also covers messy hair!

5. Comfy pants. You can find jeans that are just as comfortable as sweatpants very easily these days. Then if you end up in a weird position you are not going to show anything inappropriate.

6. Shoes. I almost wrote flats, but I have traveled very comfortably in 5 inch heels before. Anyway, anything comfortable, but not Uggs. If you are flying, I suggest a shoe that needs a sock. The security floor.. just ew.

7. Miscellaneous items that I travel with (besides the obvious) include: a watch, Molami headphones, hairbrush, Apple ear buds, my pink Brookestone blanket, a pen, gum, hand moisturizer, lip balm, face wipes, face moisturizer, mascara, concealer and eyebrow filler.

Traveling is so much more fun when you are prepared, comfortable, and presentable. You never know who you could run into, the world is so small! So please, use my travel uniform and jet setting will be good for you and the others around you.

bisous, Mack.

Playful Peter Pilotto

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageButton Down: Forever 21||Top: Peter Pilotto for Target||Jacket: Forever 21 similar here||Pants: Express||Shoes: ASOS {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

Peter Pilotto for Target is here, well it has been here since February 9th, and is unfortunately almost sold out in stores, online and on Net-A-Porter.com for my readers outside the United States. However, if you find anything I suggest you buy it because I have a feeling this fabulous British designer is going to get even bigger than he already is, and it is always nice to own a little piece of luxury! True to form and as expected, the collection is filled with bright colors, mixed patterns, and preppy cuts, which definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone, but I had to invest. It is freezing, if you did not notice the snow, so I layered a button down under my amazing new top, which made it even more preppy, so naturally I threw on a leather jacket. I am back in my zone. The thing I love about this outfit is nothing I am wearing cost me more than forty dollars. Super chic and cheap, my outfit that is… I feel as if everyone I know is somewhere warm like Florida, Texas or California, so if you are stuck in the cold like me, check out the surf inspired Peter Pilotto collection online or at Target to bring some warmth into your life during this absolutely frigid February!

bisous, Mack.

P.S. Happy early Valentines day! I seriously love Valentines day so much. I just love love! Enjoy it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family or just yourself… because you should totally love yourself! xx