Tartan and Travel

ImageImageImageImageTank: Zara similar here||Sweater: Mango||Pants: Express||Hat: Zara similar here||Shoes: Miu Miu||Scarf: H&M similar here {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

I have snow all over my shoes. Oh well, anyway I went to Chicago last weekend, and had way too much fun, but as I traveled on the bus I was thinking about traveling and fashion and how it all mixes together. I get very upset when I see people traveling in sweatpants and sweatshirts, I just do not understand! It is not hard to look presentable and be comfortable, even on red eyes and international flights. So this is my go to travel outfit.

1. An oversized scarf. If you get hot take it off and use it as a pillow or stuff it in your purse.

2. Layers. Yes, it is annoying going through security taking it all off then putting it back on, but once your through you will appreciate having a tank top, a sweater, and a jacket so you can be super cozy on the plane, bus, train or whatever.

3. I almost always curl my hair. It takes a total of 5 minutes to do and is much easier to brush at the end of a long, sleepy trip than to fix a crease in once straightened hair.

4. A hat. Whether it be a beanie or a fedora, I always have something with me to cover my face.. it’s not like I am traveling first class. Leave me alone. It also covers messy hair!

5. Comfy pants. You can find jeans that are just as comfortable as sweatpants very easily these days. Then if you end up in a weird position you are not going to show anything inappropriate.

6. Shoes. I almost wrote flats, but I have traveled very comfortably in 5 inch heels before. Anyway, anything comfortable, but not Uggs. If you are flying, I suggest a shoe that needs a sock. The security floor.. just ew.

7. Miscellaneous items that I travel with (besides the obvious) include: a watch, Molami headphones, hairbrush, Apple ear buds, my pink Brookestone blanket, a pen, gum, hand moisturizer, lip balm, face wipes, face moisturizer, mascara, concealer and eyebrow filler.

Traveling is so much more fun when you are prepared, comfortable, and presentable. You never know who you could run into, the world is so small! So please, use my travel uniform and jet setting will be good for you and the others around you.

bisous, Mack.


6 thoughts on “Tartan and Travel

  1. GREAT post Mack! I am heading to Miami/Cuba on Friday and picked out almost the exact same combo, sans the hat. As any frequent flyer knows as well, neutral colors are not only look classy but allows you to stay inconspicuous. You can hit the town without anyone knowing you just got off a flight, granted you still don’t have your bags with you!

    • Thanks Lauren! I am so jealous of your trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Miami and Cuba!! I agree… I wore this outfit to Paris and dropped my bags off and went out to lunch! So easy! Have too much fun on your trip! xx

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