How To: Conquer the Walk of Shame

ImageImageImageImageImageSlip: Victoria’s Secret similar here||Sweater: H&M||Bra: Hanky Panky similar here||Shoes: Birkenstocks||Sunglasses: Forever 21 similar here {Shot by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

As I sit here typing this, I must give you a full disclaimer, I’ve never had a walk of shame, but I have thought about it.. just incase. So, this is what I came up with. I know one doesn’t necessarily carry a nightie around with them, but this is for the ladies who like to sleep at their boyfriends, sex friend, or whatever’s, house unexpectedly, but have a coffee date with the girls the next morning with no clothes to wear. Voila! Take your nightie, steal your boyfriend sweater and personally I say go for the Birkenstocks, preferably yours, or any other shoe that will tone down a nightie. If none of this is around option two is very Carrie Bradshaw, steal his work shirt, turn it into a dress, and tie his belt around your waist. I was at a store in Paris and the lady tied a belt around my waist and it changed my life. If anything, leave your own house wearing this morning after chic outfit and let everyone wonder how and why you look so fabulous! They’ll envy it. Promise!

bisous, Mack.


Roses Are Red & My Pants Are Blue

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBlouse: Forever 21||Faux fur vest: Zara||Pants: Forever 21 similar here||Bra: Victoria’s Secret||Shoes: Christian Louboutin||Ring: Vintage||Lipstick: NARS {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

I read multiple places that blue is the color of spring, so I decided it was time to pull these cobalt blue pants out of my closet. Since they are very tailored, instead of a plain white button down, I wore a sheer one! Designers like Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Christian Siriano showed a lot of sheer pieces for spring, it is a fun, sexy trend, but there is a fine line between trendy and trashy. If your sheer shirt happens to show your bra, I suggest keeping the lingerie elegant, simple, and beautiful. It needs to be special enough to show off, but not “come hither,” if you know what I mean. Keep the cut of your top and the rest of your outfit as modest as possible, I personally think it is sexier that way. Remember, less is more… in this case anyway! If you feel a little too exposed, throw on a faux fur vest, while it is still a little cold, or a blazer. It is no secret I am literally obsessed with lingerie and consider yourself lucky if you have ever seen it…. and today’s your lucky day.

bisous, Mack.