(Script) Ohio is Chic

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageT-shirt: Homage||Skirt: ANGL similar here||Jacket: Forever 21||Shoes: ASOS similar here||Necklace: Vintage||Ring: Forever 21 similar here {Shot by: Samira Anbar}

I am rocking a lot of trends today; a midi, strappy shoe, pastel leather, crop top, and a sporty situation. I am a walking spring trend billboard. I try to stick to one trend at a time but whatever, rules are meant to be broken and I like my outfit. It is very clear that crop tops are major on the fashion scene. I know myself, and I probably will not be buying a lot of crop tops, but I still want to be involved in the trend, so I just tied up a t-shirt. I tied it in the back because I knew I would keep my jacket on, but tying it up in the front works too. It is super easy, really casual, and still fun. If you do not care too much about the tee just cut it, I might do that to a few of mine, but not this one, it is way too comfy. That is the sporty situation of my outfit, now onto the moto jacket. Ohmigod, it is kind of amazing. I told you guys this spring I was going to amp up my pastels, this was my first… okay second, well third, pastel purchase (my first was a the blazer from this post and then pastel skaters). This jacket is a great transition piece and also as I was getting my coffee the other day the lady told me that this summer is going to be unnaturally colder than usual. She seemed like she knew what she was talking about, so good thing I have this jacket!

bisous, Mack.

P.S. Happy birthday to my little sister Madison. Love you too much. xx

Lady In Lace

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageDress: Nasty Gal similar here||Blouse: Forever 21 I couldn’t find a good simlar, but I suggest the mens section||Belt: Vintage Escada||Shoes: Topshop||Rings: Vintage||Bracelet: Vintage Necklaces||Earrings: Forever 21 {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear… that is how I feel every day. However, when you feel like this one has two options, black pants, black top, black sunglasses and go, or try and reinvent something you already have, I did the latter. I bought this dress for my 22nd birthday because I wanted to be sophisticated, it is nice, but it needs some amping up in order for it to be exciting. The plus side to this winter being too long is I have improved my layering skills, so I put them to use. Pretty simple, just a button down under the dress, but it made it fun! I rolled the sleeves all the way up so it was still a short sleeved look. I definitely need to define my waist in this dress because it is a funny length on me, so I put on a white belt to keep it fresh. Another reinvention in this outfit are my bracelets, they are actually my Grandpa’s gold chains that he was going to sell and I was like, “umm Grandpa, I will totally wear those” so he gave them to me! They look great as necklaces but worked better as bracelets for this outfit. Sometimes you have a fresh new outfit in your closet, which I know I have said before, you just need to think outside the box with what you have! If you feel as if you have nothing, making a necklace into a bracelet or simply buying a new belt can reinvent an old look.

bisous, Mack.

Rollin’ With The Homiés

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageTank top: Reason||Chambray shirt: Kohls||Jacket: Forever 21||Leggings: Victoria’s Secret||Shoes: Nike Air Max||Necklace: Forever 21||Rings: The Glitter Vault, Forever 21 & H&M||Bracelets: Vintage necklaces||Sunglasses: Forever 21 {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

Just so you know, the title of this post is totally in reference to Clueless, not Tupac. You know, Elton & Ty’s song that they first danced to?! If not, watch the movie. Anyway, I am so into sneakers recently, I own more of them now than heels (kidding), but I am heading that way. I had some errands to run so this was an easy outfit for the day. One of my errands was shopping, shocker, and I found this “I heart LA” necklace and I felt as if it would be a major mistake if I did not buy it. I am not so “into” LA anymore, but there is so much of me that truly does love and miss it. So I bought it. I put it on instantly because it compliments my favorite tank top of the moment. I think it is my favorite because I have been listening to way too much rap lately. I wore a ring with a pearl on it so I was not too thug with my two chains wrapped around my wrist. I definitely just laughed at my joke. Happy Monday, it is going to be one of those days, at least for me!

bisous, Mack.

P.S. Today is my Mother’s birthday… she probably won’t even read this, but Happy Birthday Mama. xx

Pretty In Pastel Pink

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageDress: Topshop similar here||Blazer: Forever 21 similar here||Shoes: Christian Louboutin these were seasonal but the classic is here, similar less expensive here||Earrings: Forever 21||Sunglasses: Forever 21 {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

So girly today! Head to (almost) toe in a pastel is definitely a major trend for spring. It was shown down many spring and even fall runways, but most notably Celine and Rochas. I do not have pastel heels… yet, but I am on the hunt. I have said it before, invest in a pastel blazer, it will work all through spring, summer, fall, and probably next spring too! Just be sure it is a good cut. I personally love boyfriend blazers so when I saw this one at Forever I had to get it, if pink is not your color they had it in pastel blue too! Another trend that has been happening for a while is pearls, but not boring pearls. Designers are amping up the pearl game with exciting, fresh designs that toughen up this gem that was once reserved for the preppiest lady and meeting the parents. I cannot take myself seriously in this much pink, especially a dress, while wearing pearls, even though the design is cool, so I kept my favorite black sunglasses on for most of the day and my hair was super messy to make sure I was not mistaken for a preppy little lady, HA! However, head to toe pastels is definitely something I will do again, and I suggest you do it too!

bisous, Mack.

Roses Are Red & My Pants Are Blue

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBlouse: Forever 21||Faux fur vest: Zara||Pants: Forever 21 similar here||Bra: Victoria’s Secret||Shoes: Christian Louboutin||Ring: Vintage||Lipstick: NARS {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

I read multiple places that blue is the color of spring, so I decided it was time to pull these cobalt blue pants out of my closet. Since they are very tailored, instead of a plain white button down, I wore a sheer one! Designers like Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Christian Siriano showed a lot of sheer pieces for spring, it is a fun, sexy trend, but there is a fine line between trendy and trashy. If your sheer shirt happens to show your bra, I suggest keeping the lingerie elegant, simple, and beautiful. It needs to be special enough to show off, but not “come hither,” if you know what I mean. Keep the cut of your top and the rest of your outfit as modest as possible, I personally think it is sexier that way. Remember, less is more… in this case anyway! If you feel a little too exposed, throw on a faux fur vest, while it is still a little cold, or a blazer. It is no secret I am literally obsessed with lingerie and consider yourself lucky if you have ever seen it…. and today’s your lucky day.

bisous, Mack.

Day ‘N’ Nite

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageShirt: Eleven Paris (Karl Lagerfeld was seasonal, but here is Lenny Kravitz)||Hoodie: American Apparel||Jacket: Forever 21||Skirt: H&M||Tennis Shoes: Nike||Heels: Topshop {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

So you know those days when you are so busy all day then you have a date (ha) or a dinner with friends right at 7 and you know you will be running late (hence the picture of me running) and you just will not have time to change?! If you ever find yourself in this situation, here is a perfect day to night look thats comfortable, a little sexy, and definitely cool. A pencil skirt is something so undeniably feminine that every woman should own at least one. To keep it young, I paired my classy little skirt with a fun graphic tee, then layered a basic hoodie with a bomber jacket and was ready to go for the entire day! If you are heading out with friends, tie the hoodie around your waist or leave it on and drape the bomber jacket over your shoulders. If it is a date you are rushing to, I say throw the hoodie in your bag. Besides the clothes, to go seamlessly from day to night, especially if you are city living, I suggest a super chic tote, you could pre-order this amazingly versatile and gorgeous one I am dreaming of from Helmut Lang, or this equally amazing and way more affordable one from ASOS, because you will have to put your sneakers, hoodie, extra toothbrush and lipstick somewhere.

bisous, Mack.

Playful Peter Pilotto

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageButton Down: Forever 21||Top: Peter Pilotto for Target||Jacket: Forever 21 similar here||Pants: Express||Shoes: ASOS {Pics by: Samira Anbar}

Peter Pilotto for Target is here, well it has been here since February 9th, and is unfortunately almost sold out in stores, online and on Net-A-Porter.com for my readers outside the United States. However, if you find anything I suggest you buy it because I have a feeling this fabulous British designer is going to get even bigger than he already is, and it is always nice to own a little piece of luxury! True to form and as expected, the collection is filled with bright colors, mixed patterns, and preppy cuts, which definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone, but I had to invest. It is freezing, if you did not notice the snow, so I layered a button down under my amazing new top, which made it even more preppy, so naturally I threw on a leather jacket. I am back in my zone. The thing I love about this outfit is nothing I am wearing cost me more than forty dollars. Super chic and cheap, my outfit that is… I feel as if everyone I know is somewhere warm like Florida, Texas or California, so if you are stuck in the cold like me, check out the surf inspired Peter Pilotto collection online or at Target to bring some warmth into your life during this absolutely frigid February!

bisous, Mack.

P.S. Happy early Valentines day! I seriously love Valentines day so much. I just love love! Enjoy it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family or just yourself… because you should totally love yourself! xx

Red, Red Wine

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSkirt: ASOS||Blouse: Forever 21||Coat: Zara||Shoes: ASOS||Rings: The Glitter Vault c/o {Pics by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

Burgundy, oxblood, wine whatever you want to call it, every variation of maroon is my favorite color. I love it so much I even like to wear it on my lips from time to time, even though every man I encounter hates it. Whatever, I don’t care. I’ve said it before, I am super into longer length skirts recently and this one is perfection. I love the pencil style along with the split front, so fab! I wanted to balance out the dark colors so I tied up a sheer, white blouse. Since it was snowing as we took these, I wore my favorite coat for a bit… shocker it’s burgundy! Now to the shoes, they are so cute and on sale! In my opinion, you can never have too many black shoes, and since these are on sale and elongate your legs, I say get them. I kept my accessories minimal, I am seriously obsessed with these rings from The Glitter Vault, so simple and versatile. All the products from TGV are 20% off for Valentines day so be sure to find something for yourself!

bisous, Mack.

Sex, Drugs and…

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageJacket: Forever 21||T-Shirt: Naive Nation||Jeans: Zara||Boots: Aldo||Brooches: Vintage {Pics by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

Sex, drugs & red soles. If only life was that simple.. Anyway, the best part about having this blog, since I don’t have unlimited funds, is I have to find things in my closet and reinvent them. Like these boots from Aldo I have had for ages and they are my go to casual boots, they normally come up to about mid-calf. I was so over every pair of shoes I have and as I sat there thinking I was like hmm.. I could totally fold those boots over! Voila, new pair of shoes. The point is sometimes you have the newest “must have” trend or a fresh new pair of shoes right in your closet, it just takes a little tweak for you to see it. My last post I wore sneakers, and now a bomber jacket. Sportswear was a huge trend on the Spring 2014 runways. It was huge for you men out there too, and it doesn’t mean a baseball jersey and basketball shorts. Bomber jackets are another must for spring. I say borrow your mans & roll up the sleeves, I’m so economical, or don’t be afraid to at least look in the mens section for yourself to find the perfect jacket! I got this one from Forever, which is great but since it is so mass produced I wanted to make it my own by adding some of my Grandma’s brooches, it classed up this sporty jacket and the sort of vulgar saying on the tee! Oops.

bisous, Mack.

Haute Sneakers

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageDress: H&M||Jacket: Vintage||Shoes: Nike||Belt: Forever 21||Rings: The Glitter Vault c/o||Beanie: Unknown {Pics by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

So.. something major happened last week during Spring Couture fashion week, specifically at Chanel. Every single look was sent down the runway in tennis shoes! From ball gowns to the classic Chanel suit, every outfit had matching sneakers. We also saw some sneakers down the runway at Dior… so it is safe to say this is a huge trend that we will see throughout the spring, so invest in some cute ones, preferably pastel, to wear outside the gym! After watching all the shows I was inspired to shift to a spring color palette so I mixed and matched the fall plaid with a spring colored dress. This blazer was from my Grammy’O, I stumbled upon it in storage! Seriously, you can find the best pieces in your parents and grandparents closets! Besides a belt to define my waist, I added some rings from The Glitter Vault. I am obsessed with this set! There are only four rings, but it looks like six. I love the ones with the double band because they add so much more drama and they’re adjustable so the styling possibilities are endless. Spring is right around the corner, I wouldn’t say put all your heels up on the shelf, but definitely plan on lots of sneakers and flats this season!

bisous, Mack.

Layer Up

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageFlannel: Forever 21 similar here||Denim shirt: Mudd similar here||Jacket: Zara similar here||Jeans: Seven For All Mankind||Beanie: H&M similar here||Boots: Timberland {Photos by Mirapics}

If you are anywhere in the Midwest you are probably defrosting from this absolutely insane weather. When my sister sends me a picture of her on the beach it really makes me question why I ever left LA! Anyway, to brave the snow I definitely suggest layers, boots and beanies. Layering has always been a challenge for me, but I think I might have figured it out, for this post at least. I love denim on denim, Canadian tuxedo baby, but after a couple years of it being a trend I wanted to do it a bit differently. I layered my favorite flannel under my denim shirt and cuffed the sleeves up once to let the flannel hang out a bit. I then added my army jacket, which I got on sale this summer for 16 euros in Spain when I saw it in Paris for 70 euros, my new goal in life is to go to Spain every summer for the sales, such a sucker for a deal! I cuffed my jacket a few times then just pulled it up to show off my other layers. I worked really hard to get them right why would I cover them up?! Now to the boots, how I love these. You can pair them with about anything and brave any element while looking cool, how wonderful is that? I then threw on a beanie and called it an outfit. Layer up people of the Midwest and stay warm, literally the rest of the world I am jealous of you.

bisous, Mack.