What to wear: Coachella

I have been insanely busy lately so there was no time for an outfit post, however, this is even better. Coachella is this weekend and next, due to scheduling conflicts I will not be there, but this is an outfit I would totally wear! I know everyone does the hippie thing, so this is my personal take on that. It is sort of hippie meets dominatrix princess, HA! How amazing is the headband by River Island though? I feel like Coachella would be the perfect place to wear that, along with those sunglasses! Then when you get a weird suntan on your forehead, take it off and put your hair up with those awesome chevron hair ties! Throw on a red lip so you are always glam, that Mac one has massive staying power so it will last all day without going all over your face, and no matter what you have on you will make a statement! If you are going this weekend or next, have so much fun, drink lots of water, and do not forget sunscreen!
bisous, Mack.

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