(Script) Ohio is Chic

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageT-shirt: Homage||Skirt: ANGL similar here||Jacket: Forever 21||Shoes: ASOS similar here||Necklace: Vintage||Ring: Forever 21 similar here {Shot by: Samira Anbar}

I am rocking a lot of trends today; a midi, strappy shoe, pastel leather, crop top, and a sporty situation. I am a walking spring trend billboard. I try to stick to one trend at a time but whatever, rules are meant to be broken and I like my outfit. It is very clear that crop tops are major on the fashion scene. I know myself, and I probably will not be buying a lot of crop tops, but I still want to be involved in the trend, so I just tied up a t-shirt. I tied it in the back because I knew I would keep my jacket on, but tying it up in the front works too. It is super easy, really casual, and still fun. If you do not care too much about the tee just cut it, I might do that to a few of mine, but not this one, it is way too comfy. That is the sporty situation of my outfit, now onto the moto jacket. Ohmigod, it is kind of amazing. I told you guys this spring I was going to amp up my pastels, this was my first… okay second, well third, pastel purchase (my first was a the blazer from this post and then pastel skaters). This jacket is a great transition piece and also as I was getting my coffee the other day the lady told me that this summer is going to be unnaturally colder than usual. She seemed like she knew what she was talking about, so good thing I have this jacket!

bisous, Mack.

P.S. Happy birthday to my little sister Madison. Love you too much. xx


12 thoughts on “(Script) Ohio is Chic

    • They are definitely a must for spring! This leather jacket is awesome and so affordable from Forever! I say for crop tops, always high waisted, unless you’re comfortable with it with a baggy pant, and look for a fun material like leather or a neoprene to keep it fresh! xx

  1. You look great! What a smart idea for creating a faux crop top too. I was just looking at some last night but couldn’t decide if I could pull it off or not…certainly not at work and even on the weekends it might be too much. I will have to try this idea with a couple of blouses I have to see if I can pull off the look before investing! Thanks for the great idea; you look smashing! Cortneybre…

    • I feel the same, only because honestly when I am going out on the weekends I am usually going to eat and I like to eat hahah so I don’t want to be in a crop top, I have a few and I am happy with them for now. I want one more maybe a leather one to something very structured! I hope this “faux crop” helps! xx

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