Sex, Drugs and…

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageJacket: Forever 21||T-Shirt: Naive Nation||Jeans: Zara||Boots: Aldo||Brooches: Vintage {Pics by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

Sex, drugs & red soles. If only life was that simple.. Anyway, the best part about having this blog, since I don’t have unlimited funds, is I have to find things in my closet and reinvent them. Like these boots from Aldo I have had for ages and they are my go to casual boots, they normally come up to about mid-calf. I was so over every pair of shoes I have and as I sat there thinking I was like hmm.. I could totally fold those boots over! Voila, new pair of shoes. The point is sometimes you have the newest “must have” trend or a fresh new pair of shoes right in your closet, it just takes a little tweak for you to see it. My last post I wore sneakers, and now a bomber jacket. Sportswear was a huge trend on the Spring 2014 runways. It was huge for you men out there too, and it doesn’t mean a baseball jersey and basketball shorts. Bomber jackets are another must for spring. I say borrow your mans & roll up the sleeves, I’m so economical, or don’t be afraid to at least look in the mens section for yourself to find the perfect jacket! I got this one from Forever, which is great but since it is so mass produced I wanted to make it my own by adding some of my Grandma’s brooches, it classed up this sporty jacket and the sort of vulgar saying on the tee! Oops.

bisous, Mack.


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