White House, Black Turtleneck

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Skirt: BCBG||Turtleneck: BCBG||Shoes: Topshop similar here {Pics by: Kaitlyn Elliott}

As the sun was setting and the wind started going mad, I was all dressed up with nowhere to go and then Kaitlyn and I stumbled upon this white house. It is amazing. I’m pretty sure they were cooking dinner or something as we took these pictures but whatever, my new saying is “do it for the blog.” Now more importantly, the clothes. Not going to lie, I felt like a million bucks in this outfit. BCBG does it again, something I think isn’t worth the price then I put it on and I am sold instantly. It shows the right amount of leg with the mini and has the right amount of coverage with the maxi. It also has pockets, which makes it pretty major. I then paired it with a turtleneck to keep the lines simple and clean. I definitely have never felt sexier, and we all deserve to feel that way every once in a while right?! To elongate my legs I put on pointy toed heels, which is a must for every woman who wears heels, even if it is only every so often. I could go on for ages just talking about shoes, but I’ll save the shoe talk for another post. Happy Wednesday!

bisous, Mack.


14 thoughts on “White House, Black Turtleneck

  1. That skirt is trés chic — especially as you’ve styled it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment! I often think I’m the only one who likes what I like! 😉 Stop by anytime!

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