Black and Blue

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSweater: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target||Vest: Forever 21||Pants: Express||Boots: Steve Madden||Rings: H&M, Forever 21 & vintage {Pics by Kaitlyn Elliott}

Black and blue are my favorite colors right now for many reasons but the main one is they truly look fab together. I suggest you try it out now while it is still considered winter time.. even you crazy kids in LA with 80 degree weather! So jealous. I have said it before I absolutely adore this sweater, but even with the details on the collar it can be kind of boring just paired with black pants. I tried it on with this black tuxedo vest that I actually bought ages ago and it added a certain je ne sais quoi to my outfit and I loved it. To spice things up I added a lot of rings, I am totally into the pinky ring and if you watched the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards almost every celeb had one on. The great thing about that is if it fits your pinky it will probably fit your other fingers as a midi ring! So I say definitely look at it as a good investment with multiple uses. I can find a way to justify any purchase.. if you ever need a reason to buy something just ask me! Lastly, the other day my friend asked why I rarely have purses in my posts and honestly I never carry a purse, unless I am doing some serious running around. I always carry my wallet and put my phone in my pocket, I’m sure one day I will lose it and I will regret not having a purse but when I was 16 I lost my beloved Louis Vuitton purse a week after I bought it and I only had a piece of paper in it, I know I was being very irresponsible, but even now as a semi-responsible adult I don’t see the point in risking another loss if I only need to carry one thing! It was found by the way, or else I doubt I would be alive to tell the tale.

bisous, Mack.

P.S. I have had a lot of people ask what color my nail polish is, it is Lilacism by Essie. I keep painting my nails with it over and over again because it brightens up this dreary weather and honestly it somehow goes with everything.


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