Spike and Ike





ImageBlazer, tank & pants: Zara||Shoes: Topshop|| {Pics by Mirapics}

 I always say I wish I could dress like a Saint Laurent Paris ad everyday, so I did my best with what I had in my closet. I am basically in head to toe Zara, which is strongly influenced by SLP. I love the spike details on the shoulder and near the wrists on the blazer, I got this piece about a year and a half ago and it shows making smart investments in unique pieces pays off. The pants have an amazing black floral detail and the draping is done wonderfully, here’s a similar, super cool pair from Topshop. I believe every woman should have a great pair of black pants and a properly tailored blazer in their closet, if you don’t have those get them for yourself for Christmas, you can thank me later. Take those two items and add either a white blouse, or in my case a tank top, a great pair of heels and voila! You’re inspired by SLP, and you will always be in style. This type of look is great for the holiday season, it is classy, sexy and something special other than a party dress. So pull back your hair, put on a bright red lip along with your new wardrobe staples and show yourself off wherever you may go!

bisous, Mack.

P.S. Be sure to check out Mirapics on Facebook and her website! xx


3 thoughts on “Spike and Ike

    • I lived in NYC for a year and am doing everything I can to get back there. I absolutely love it. The lipstick is Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg – watermelon…. I was looking for a true bright red and this one is a little more berry than I was hoping but I still absolutely love it! I was reading your blog for lipstick tips! hahah you have a new avid follower. I’m sure we’ll chat soon. xx

      • I am completely obsessed with lipstick, especially red ones! I almost succumbed to Nars Dragon Girl matte pencil during their recent Friends and Family sale (despite not needing another red), but luckily, they were sold out. 😉 I also am interested in Cruella. Either of those would probably have been what you were looking for. 🙂

        Looking forward to it! Can’t wait to see your next looks as well! xx

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