Subtly Sexy



ImageDress: ANGL||Jacket: Forever 21||Booties: Steve Madden {Pics by Erik Cervantes}

Los Angeles may be known for their daisy dukes and bikini tops, but there is something subtly sexy about being all covered up. Trust me, I have had this theory confirmed. After eating an enormous amount of dim sum in China town, the last thing I wanted to do was take blog pics in this body conscious dress, but don’t worry, I hiked a mile up a mountain in these booties so I was good to go once we reached the top. The view is unbeatable, you can see Dodgers stadium, downtown Los Angeles and beyond. I kept this look super simple because I personally think it’s sexier that way and lets the clothes speak for themselves. I have always been afraid of not showing off my legs for fear of appearing short, but I have come to find that longer dresses can make me appear taller. It is all about finding the right cut that suits your body. If you think this simple cut is for you, a very similar dress can be found here. I wore my favorite booties and favorite leather jacket, I get a lot of use out of both of these pieces so if you’re on the edge about buying one of these items I say go for it! They totally go with everything and will last for seasons to come.

bisous, Mack.


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