These Nikes Are Made For Walking



Shirt: Kohls Skirt: Bebe Shoes: Nike Beanie: Maison Scotch Belt: Vintage Escada Purse: Zara

I used to always believe sneakers were meant for the gym & only the gym, until people in fashion finally woke up and decided to put comfort first. I went for a more girly look than usual, but that is what fashion is about.. trying new things! When wearing tennis shoes be sure to put them with an outfit that can transition easily into a nighttime look by putting on a pair of heels. This will make sure you still look fashionable, not too “sporty” and can make your life a lot easier when it comes to choosing an outfit for a busy day!

bisous, Mack.


2 thoughts on “These Nikes Are Made For Walking

  1. I would have never thought to pair sneakers with a skirt (for fear of looking like a middle schooler again) but this is super cute! You definitely pull it off.

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